Valve well

1. Color: black

2. Material: PP

3. Style: injection molding

4. Features: round / square

5. Advantages:

               ① Light weight, easy to carry

               ② Standardized production, on-site assembly, high installation efficiency

               ③ It adopts a circular structure with strong compressive capacity, and the outer wall is equipped with reinforcing ribs to improve the strength

               ④ The well body is made of polymer resin and formed by injection molding process, which has corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and long service life

               ⑤ The well base and the pipeline, the well base and the well shaft, and the upper and lower parts of the well base are all flexibly connected, with good sealing performance

               ⑥ Rainwater and groundwater will not seep into the well to form stagnant water, ensuring a good maintenance environment and avoiding valve rust

               ⑦ Support customization

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