Rainwater collection module

1. Color: black / black and green

2. Material: PE / BMC / stainless steel

3. Style: Universal / Shanghai / Customized

4. Features: round / square

5. Advantages:

               ① Flexible product design: several PP modules are assembled to form a pool, and the shape of the pool can be combined arbitrarily according to the needs, without being limited by the site

               ② Convenient construction and short construction period: the modules are spliced together, the construction is simple, no large machinery is required, and they can be assembled into boxes on site, which can realize backfilling on the same day of excavation

               ③ Strong bearing capacity: In the same industry in China, the load bearing capacity of Zhaocheng rainwater collection module is far ahead; the module structure has super pressure bearing capacity, and the top of the pool can continue to be used as greening, squares, pedestrians, driving lanes, parking lots, etc.

               ④ Long service life: The rainwater collection tank is made of PP plastic, which is durable, resistant to aging, high temperature and low temperature, and can adapt to various harsh environments

               ⑤ Fast transportation and loading: split design, the module can be disassembled at will, saving valuable transportation space

               ⑥ Environmental protection: Zhaocheng rainwater collection module is made of environmentally friendly PP material, which is green and environmentally friendly. It will not destroy the entire ecological environment system when buried deep underground. It is easy to stack and protect, and can be recycled.

               ⑦ Low cost: Compared with traditional stainless steel pools and concrete pools, rainwater modules reduce time costs, transportation costs, construction costs, labor costs, machinery costs and post-maintenance costs in many ways

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